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your white shirt always equipment star shirt white and new
This kind of inner ride is both good looking and warm (I can tell you how to wear a hot ... ...

your white shirt always equipment star shirt white and new

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Posted on: 06/26/18
This kind of inner ride is both good looking and warm (I can tell you how to wear a hot underwear in a white shirt). The same applies to equipment butterfly blouse all kinds of coats. The jeans used to match camel coats are only light blue. Other colors, I also see a lot of pictures, all weaken the texture of the camel coat. Only blue, can create a youthful and casual LOOK, but the choice of shirt is nothing more than black and white. Boyfriend wind or tight jeans are ok. With a gray blouse with the same sense of quality
With the same color system
Personally think that the white shirt with the most goddess fan style, or with black trousers. This seemingly simple collocation, in fact, the most able to test temperament and skill. Just like writing tricks in Gu Long's novels, there are no tricks or tricks. It is still necessary for us ordinary people to imitate or appreciate. Finally, take a look at the most popular wearing method recently: just put in white star equipment the front of the clothes. Many fashion bloggers wear it so you can try it.
The cold camel and other colors are hard to be good friends because it can play well with oneself. In all the collocations I have watched, the same color camel is the best look! As long as you can distinguish the levels in the depth of color, the same color with a special temperament, fashion index is also high!
In addition to black and white, camel and gray can barely make friends. But I personally donít think itís worth mentioning. Both of these are the colors with the highest sense of quality in the eyes of Rebecca, and they do not add points to each other. The convention is to use eighty-eight negative teaching materials. My good friend, Tristan, once asked me: Why is your white shirt always equipment star shirt white and new, what are the maintenance tips?
My answer is: Buy new ones.
White shirts are one of the most worthwhile items in the closet, and they are the ones that cannot save money. Try to buy good quality products within your own capabilities. Once you have yellowed or thrown away, donít It saves money!
White shirt + ugly bra
The picture is not found. If the material is very transparent, it is recommended to put a small vest, do not expose the underwear, especially when your underwear is still ugly.
In fact, I did not want to write a white shirt because it was almost classified as one of the destroyed single items. In addition to the basic models, the most common methods used by the Raiders are the following:
White shirt + ultra shorts. Still don't put clothes in and only see white shirts and bare legs. It's true that it's sexy, but it's just good to wear it at home.


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